Wrath of the Football Gods - What'd I Tell You?

"So Vince, how did your predictions for the rest of the season turn out?"

"I don't like to brag, but most people wouldn't have had the nerve to say what I said back in October: 'Despite the fact that they've got a roster full of rookies, a whole new blocking scheme, a whole new coaching staff, and one healthy experienced wide receiver, they've been competitive in all of the games but one. The blocking is getting better each week, the defense is starting to gel, and the kids on the roster are stepping up. I've got them penciled in to finish the season 9-7, but out of the playoffs due to those early losses. I orginally thought they'd end up 8-8, but after watching that Monday Night Bears-Cardinals game, I'm convinced that the Packers will beat the Bears at Soldier Field the last week of the season. On the strength of that performance (and the lack of dominant NFC teams), I see Favre returning next year to lead the Pack back to the promised land in 2007!' "

"That's some pretty bold prognosticating!"

"I know my football, Curly. I missed on the 9-7; they had to lose one extra game to avoid the playoffs this year when all the other contenders swooned. But the Giants came through to preserve the curse. You gotta admit that their 26-7 mauling of the Bears on New Years Eve was sweet!"

"You know that had to gall Papa Bear!"

"Don't get all full of yourselves, gentlemen! Who went to the Super Bowl, huh?"

"I've got news for you, George. I hope Lovie and the boys enjoyed their trip to Miami, because they won't be going to Glendale next year. In fact, they won't even win the NFC North next year. Brett Favre decided to come back because he could see that the Pack has a good chance of going to the playoffs next year, and he's right. If Harlan retires, the Packers will return to the playoffs!"

"So remember Packer fans. You heard it here first: the 2007 Green Bay Packers - NFC North Champions!"

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