The NFL Abandons the National Anthem

I just turned on the NFC game between the Satan spawn cats and San Francisco 49ers.  Instead of singing the National Anthem, they had some dude playing the trumpet.  What part of "singing our national anthem" does the NFL not get?  What next?  Tonal farting?

Probably just following orders from our great leader.  Fuck you, nlf; you don't deserve capital letters.

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Learn to Pray the Rosary in Latin

This past Lent I decided to learn to pray the Rosary in Latin.  Years ago I heard a recording of Blessed John Paul II leading this prayer, and thought it would be great to be able to pray along with him.

Having never studied Latin, but having memorized the parts of Mass that we say in Latin, I figured I needed 3 things:

1) The Latin text of the prayers
2) A guide to pronunciation
3) Downloadable MP3s of the full Rosary in Latin

It took a lot of searching, but eventually I found the perfect resources.  Then, using the same skills needed to memorize something in English  I began to learn the prayers phrase-by-phrase, starting with the Ave Maria.  Once I thought I had that pretty well understood, I started using the downloadable recordings, along with the printed text to guide me.  If I hadn't memorized a prayer yet, I read it off my Kindle.  It took about a week of working with the prayers daily to get to where I only needed the text for the Credo, but if I can do it, so can you.

As for the Blessed John Paul II versions, they can be found here.  Unfortunately, they're not downloadable, but they are a great resource if you're online!

If you need help learning the Rosary in English, everything you need to know is on one printable page at NewAdvent.org.  My favorite English downloadable recordings are those of Elizabeth Scalia, who blogs as The Anchoress at Patheos.  The recordings can be found at the "Prayerful Podcasts" on the right sidebar.

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis!

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Cue Fonzi on the Waterskis - Register For Your Wedding at Obama's Campaign?

A few days ago I read an article stating that President Obama's staff must surely despise him, because they keep making him look loopier and more out-of-touch with every passing day.  I thought it was jolly good satire, but now I'm not sure.

Today I learned about Obama's newest web site: The Obama Event Registry.  I cut my chin on my desk when I saw it:


Does anyone doubt that in a second term, "when he has more flexibility", that he won't go all Bamameister Meisterbama and declare wedding presents illegal, like in Santa Clause Is Coming to Town?

(Pardon my lack of Photoshop skills, but you get the idea)

Resist the Tyrant!  And mock him mercilessly!

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If I Wasn't Catholic I'd Give Up, But I'm Not, But We Need To Address This

Charles Murray has a very prodigious intellect, and the courage to speak what comes into it, regardless of the political incorrectness.

In his latest book 'Coming Apart', he looks at how white culture is increasingly fracturing so that the citizenry our founders required for a functioning republic may no longer exist.

The American experiment can only succeed when the populace maintains a certain level of morality.  Unfortunately, Antonio Gramsci's satanic "long march through the institutions" has largely succeeded in much of the United States.  There are very few institutions of higher learning that have not been thoroughly poisoned with the intolerability of political correctness.  Universities that pretend to be bastions of enlightened thought have be transformed into gulags of radical conformity.  And their potential for self-reform is nil.

Lower levels of education have become bureaucratic killing fields of nascent male potential.  There will be no next generation of great men if they are all cowed for years for the sin of being boys instead of conformant student-bots.

But I believe that the seeds of overthrowing this dystopia are already sprouting.  I will explore these in future posts, but I believe that we will see grandparents in these United States will rise up and homeschool their grandsons in defiance of the evil education cabal.

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The Forgetting Pill - The Scariest Thing in History?

Wired had an article recently that both fascinated and unnerved me.  Unnerved as in 'This could be abused to destroy the human race'.  Imagine if you could nearly instantly remove any memory you ever had.  Imagine if someone could slip you a 'mickey' and induce you to erase one of your memories just by asking you to recall it?

It's possible with current pharmaceutical technology.  That's the scary part.  Read the whole article, because you need to think about this topic before someone springs it on you like a date rape drug.  This a very complicated topic, because there are seemingly obvious benefits to erasing some memories...or are there?  You read and decide and comment.

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Wait - Dino Farts Caused Catastrophic Global Warming?

Well, according to the Daily Mail they did.  And here I bought into that whole Chixulub meteor thing...

Incidentally, how did those artists know what color the Chixulub meteor was?  I'm pretty sure it would be fairly well blackened by the time it hit the Gulf of Mexico.  And I'm certain it would have a great big green flaming tail behind it.  C'mon!  Armageddon comes in Technicolor!!  Stupid artists...

Anyway, it seems that dinosaur flatulence is an appropriate topic for mainstream climate scientists, since honestly analyzing contemporary data series seem beyond their cognitive abilities.  I suggest we go to Toys R Us and buy the researchers mountains of plastic dinosaurs for their 'analyses' of data regarding extinct creatures.  Note to climate scientists:  don't stand behind the purple ones without a hazmat suit!

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Cardinal Dolan on Our Impact on Public Policy

Bang! Zoom! For any American Catholic waiting for a rallying cry from our bishops, here it is! Powerful catechesis from Cardinal Dolan. He calls out our enemies and lays out the teachings guiding our conscientious object to the HHS mandate and the culture of death in general. Watch and Learn!

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Public Policy Day Keynote

Givens and Oughts

7 Givens (Is's):
1) The innate dignity of the human person
2) Human life itself is unquestionably sacred
3) The principle of solidarity
4) The creator has instilled within us and within his creation an inherent order
5) Subsidiarity: the common good is best served by agencies, organizations, and institutions closest to the human person
6) The preferential option for the poor/ care for those left behind/ Jesus, who always seemed to have a radar for those on the side of the road
7) Because of the innate dignity of the human person, because of the sanctity of life, every person has certain inalienable rights given, not by society, not by culture, not by government, but by the creator himself

7 Oughts
1) We ought to be in politics
2) We ought to bring values and convictions to politics - and here he makes the point that "While I'm personally opposed, I cannot impose those views on my constituents" is morally incorrect!
3) Catholics ought to propose, never impose
4) We ought to stand for principle always, above politics
5) We ought to stress responsibility as much as rights
6) We ought to defend the rights of others
7) Catholics ought to stress "us", not "me"

I will be commenting on the 7 Givens and the 7 Oughts in future posts.

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