Suor Christina in the Finals...and the winner is....

Suor Christina is in the finals in The Voice Italy 2014!

For her final tune she sang "Beautiful That Way":

She also sang a new song "Lunga La Riva", setting up a possible gospel/county crossover recording angle:

She also did a duet with her coach, rapper J-Ax.  I thought it provided a poignant contrast between music sung to glorify God and the garbage that tries to pass itself off as contemporary music, namely rap:

And here is the moment of truth:

Gotta love that she closed the show by reciting the Lord's Prayer!

As for her future, she said she'd let her superiors decide if she should continue her public singing ministry (she won a recording contract with Universal), noting that she'd be happy to go back to the life she had before this all started.

You've heard the saying that God works in strange ways.  Enter this into evidence...

Earlier posts on her journey starting here and continuing here.

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