The End of the Rob May Era at Businesspundit

For the past five years, one of my favorite blogs - for the subject matter and the quality of the content, has been Rob May's Businesspundit.com. I was disappointed to learn a few months ago that Rob was growing weary of the daily grind and was selling the blog. Today he published his last Businesspundit post. As BP readers would expect, it's excellent:
"I am sitting in a coffee shop this morning breathing a sigh of relief. After almost 5 years of blogging, I am done. This past year, my heart just hasn't been into it, and I think that is reflected in the lackluster posting compared to previous years. I had a contract to fulfill with Creative Weblogging, and it ends today.
Five years ago, my views on business were very very different than they are today. So I thought for an appropriate last post, I would examine the top 10 things about business that I view differently than I did 5 years ago. I am not saying these are gospel, or even that they are correct. I think absolutism is a sign of closed mindedness and that any intelligent person should always be adjusting their views slightly in light of new evidence and changing times. Five years from now, I will probably read this post and think that I was wrong about some of these. Nonetheless, this is where my mind stands today."

You can read the top ten here. I'm not so sure he'll change his mind on any of these, but we'll see. He'll still write an occasional post over at BusinessPundit, and he's got a great new blog, Coconut Headsets, where his posts are more in-depth if less frequent.

Thank you so very much for all you've done, Rob; and best of luck on all your new ventures!

P.S. You can watch a video interview of Rob by Jason Falls where he talks about his Businesspundit adventure in part one and gives advice to new bloggers in part two. Great stuff; nice kitchen! ;-)

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