Wrath of the Football Gods - One Year Later

Last November, Spooky Action broke the news about a curse on the Green Bay Packers
"Green Bay Packer Fans: Do you get the feeling the Pack is cursed this year?

I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that the team IS cursed.

The good news is that the curse could end as soon as 2007."
The specifics of the curse:

"I don't like what I'm seeing here. At least they didn't include a team beauty salon. But they're turning this place from a stadium teams used to fear into the Green and Gold Resort and Day Spa. Those guys are about this far away from invoking my wrath!"

Time passes...

"That's the last straw!!"


"See that little plaque in the middle there?
It marks the fact that we are standing in Harlan Plaza!"

"But isn't he still alive?"

"Very much so, but he and Sherman are going to get the Moses treatment for all this. They'll never get to the Promised Land of football. In fact, they'll never win another playoff game!"

So here we are, roughly one year later. Let's catch up on events since...

"So Vince, how's that curse of your working out?"

"Not too bad, Curly. In fact, we're right on schedule to return to the playoffs in 2007. Mike Sherman got his walking papers after last season, and Bob Harlan is still planning to retire at the end of this season. With this year's team at 2-4 with 3 home losses, I'd say the playoffs are out of the picture for this year. The only part of the prediction that didn't come true, thankfully, is that Brett Favre decided to return even though Sherman was gone."

"Um, Vince, 2-4 and winless at home...I'm having a hard time figuring out how they get to the playoffs next year."

"Despite the fact that they've got a roster full of rookies, a whole new blocking scheme, a whole new coaching staff, and one healthy experienced wide receiver, they've been competitive in all of the games but one. The blocking is getting better each week, the defense is starting to gel, and the kids on the roster are stepping up. I've got them penciled in to finish the season 9-7, but out of the playoffs due to those early losses. I orginally thought they'd end up 8-8, but after watching that Monday Night Bears-Cardinals game, I'm convinced that the Packers will beat the Bears at Soldier Field the last week of the season. On the strength of that performance (and the lack of dominant NFC teams), I see Favre returning next year to lead the Pack back to the promised land in 2007!"

"I hate to throw cold water on this little green and gold fantasy, but my Monsters of the Midway drubbed your Packers 26-0 at Lambeau Field on opening weekend! You got some nerve predicting the Packers will win at our place in December!"

"So Papa Bear, how did a Cardinals team with a first-time-starter at quarterback cut up your vaunted defense? Admit it, you used up everything in your bag of tricks to help your guys pull off that victory. A team with a sharp short passing game and no-huddle offense will do even better. And if Arizona's turnstile defense can shut down your offense, I think our chances are pretty good."

"Oh yeah? I think our boys will kick your collective asterisks around Soldier Field!"

"You crack me up, Halas! We'll talk again after the season is over and see who was right."

"So remember Packer fans. The glory days are coming back, and sooner than most of you think!"

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