Why Can't I Control My Feet?

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While looking for some music to write change management assessments by, I wandered over to the Internet Archive and stumbled across a live performance by the Rebirth Brass Band. I defy you to listen to more than two songs while sitting completely still! Here's a phrase I never thought I'd type - hot tuba licks - but they've got 'em. Infectious energy is the best way to describe what you'll hear, so if you need a mood enhancer, give them a listen!

My dad graduated from high school in 1956. He had an prodigious collection of 45's from the 50's. He gave my younger brother an old 45 player, and for some reason 3-year-old Phil became fixated with Fats Domino's "I'm Walking". I'm sure he played that platter several thousand times. So when I heard it today I almost fell over! It was a literal sonic blast from the past!!

Enjoy these boys from New Orleans...The Rebirth Brass Band!

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