When Blondes Make Stupid Jokes, Who is the Brunt?

A mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in riddle...

Now revealed!

On Thursday May 29, 2014, State Department Spokedunce Jen Psaki told the assembled press that President Obama just doesn't give himself enough credit.  Even members of the sycophantic press corps couldn't stifle their giggles at that level of disconnect with reality.  Watch:

Q: What does Jen Psaki say if you blow in her ear? 
A: "Thanks for the refill!" 

Q: How do you get Jen Psaki on the roof? 
A: Tell her drinks are on the house. 

Q: What did Jen Psaki name her watch dogs? 
A: Timex and Rolex. 
Q: What can strike Jen Psaki without her even knowing it? 
A: A thought. 

I think the ultimate joke on Jen Psaki is that she thought she was auditioning for the new White House Press Secretary job.  She'd heard that Jay Carney was leaving, and so decided to go all out in showing how low she would debase herself in the president's defense.  Sadly, she lost to a guy named Josh Earnest.  As Iowahawk might say, if only she'd changed her name to Yahoo Serious or Clown Voxsplain or Squirrel Changetopic or Feign Eagerzeal (that's Jen to a tee), she'd have been a shoe-in!

Q: How do you keep Jen Psaki busy all day? 
A: Put her in a round press briefing room and tell her to speak in the corner. 

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