What Pops Into Your Head When You See This Image?

My first thought: And me with no Hershey Bars or Graham Crackers!

Second thought:  Awesome! But who thinks of something like this and then can execute it?  If we could only channel that creativity for the greater good...

Third thought:  Note to self: If you ever manage a project in New York, add this to your risk register!

Fourth thought:  There's an old saying that if you put 100 monkeys at 100 typewriters for 100 years, one of them would write Shakespeare.  I don't believe it, but I will say this:  If you put 1,000 moneys at 1,000 computers with Photoshop and an internet connection for 1,000 years, none of them will create this!

Fifth thought:  Uh oh, that last statement may seem to some 'activists' as extremely speciesist...

Sixth thought:  Then again, if those activists get outraged enough, they may make me sell this blog for $2 Billion!  I'd be morally outraged, but in my current demented state I'd have to acquiesce to my wife making the deal.

Seventh thought:  It's Bush's fault!

Eight thought:  Is that supposed to be the Chrysler Building in the background?  If so, I think one of those monkeys may have a puncher's chance of creating that!

Ninth thought:  One frame is not enough!  We need the whole scene!!  Is there a Kickstarter for that?

Tenth and final thought:  How is this categorized within standard P&C underwriting rules? Does an 'Act of Gozer' qualify as an Act of God?

What thoughts popped into your head (and yes, I realize that is a very weak reference to the original Ghostbusters movie)?  Leave a comment...

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