There Is No Joy In Cheeseville, Mighty Capey Has Struck Out

In the off season, the Packers brought in defensive coordinator Dom Capers to shore up a defense that couldn't stop anyone when it counted in 2008. Guess what. The Packers still can't stop anyone when it really counts.

Even though it's only Week 8, the Packers conceded the NFC North title to the Vikings with their loss today. Sure, they're ONLY three games back in the standings, but they have yet to make a statement win against a quality opponent. But they DO have two statement embarrassing losses at home. And they barely escaped a third statement embarassing loss to Chicago at home in Week One.

At what point does the coaching staff decide not to allow a dozen sacks in a single game? Troy Aikmen told a story this week about how Jimmy Johnson said he'd rather take a dozen holding penalties and throw a dozen balls away rather than take sacks. Apparently Mike McCarthy would rather take sacks. And Aaron Rodgers should be given a spot on the Seinfeld show, because he NEVER LEARNS to get rid of the ball on time! As long-suffering Cubs fans would say: maybe next year...

Ted Thompson's record post-Favre is a losing one. The Packers may end up with a winning record this season, but they'll be watching the playoffs from home this January. Again. Wait - where did Thompson come from? Oh yeah, Da Bears...suddenly I don't feel so good!

Perhaps the wrath of the football gods has dictated that the Packers will not win while Bob Harlan is still around, but I don't want to watch a repeat of the long drought of the 70's and 80's...

St. Vincent, pray for us!

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