Conclusive Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor

On Friday the 13th, Congress passes a bill letting Americans keep thirteen dollars a week of their own money (while taking many times that out of future generations' wallets), and some black cat is going to sign it into law next week.

Will you be needing any further evidence that Washington is not the answer to your problems?

Stay tuned...

posted by Mike at 1:02 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but they're going to let you decide which thirteen dollars you keep. I'd go for coins or all one dollar bills. It's only psychological, but it feels like more money than a ten and three ones.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Mike said...


"After Dogbert conquers the planet, there will be one type of currency: a
big steel penny, about the size of a flapjack and weighing four pounds.
Dogbert's picture will be on one side and his waggish tail on the other.
It will be called the pennybert, worth the equivalent of one cent U.S.

DNRC members won't need money after the conquest, since we'll own
everything. The new coins will only be used to make life more difficult
for the Induhviduals. If one of them asks us for some illogical or
unreasonable favor (as they are inclined to do) we can say, "Let's flip a
coin." If the Induhvidual succeeds in getting the coin airborne, there's
a reasonable chance that it will knock the Induhvidual unconconscious on
the way back down. And that can be good for a laugh. It's not
sophisticated humor, granted, but it only costs a pennybert.

Each pennybert will carry a phrase that was suggested by a DNRC member
who is studying Latin but hasn't gotten to the advanced courses yet:

Ille Albus Canne Vinco Homines"

4:12 PM  
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