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Looks like the $600 Million mannequin will be the next President of the United States. To me that's a travesty, because he is about to do some truly evil things. Don't believe me? Then watch the following:

1) Freedom of Choice Act: This legislation will nullify any limit on abortion. It will also force federal funding of abortion and force Catholic healthcare providers to perform abortions. It it estimated that this act will result in 125,000 murders per year. And even if you are repulsed by these acts, you will be forced to pay for them.

2) Card Check: Secret ballots in union elections will be a thing of the past. Under President Obama's plan, burly union thugs can show up at your door and 'persuade' you to sign a card supporting unionization. Hey, it'll mean less legitimate jobs (look at the employment statistics for the upper midwest since 1950) and more illegal immigration as employers dodge the thugs, but I'm sure that's what Obama voters were after in the first place.

3) Illinois Corruption Probe: Imagine that Elliot Ness is mid-way through his clean-up of Mafia corruption in the Windy City when President Roosevelt wins and goes on TV to let him know his services are no longer needed.

This is the real litmus test of whether Barack Obama is a truly historic figure in American History, or a sad little Chicago Machine sock puppet. And I mean every word of that last sentence. Patrick Fitzgerald, the federal prosecutor in Chicago, has been meticulously dismantling the corrupt bipartisan political machine in Illinois. He has taken down both crooked Republicans and Democrats. He has followed the trail of corruption right into Daley Plaza, and is about to clean house. But Barack owes much to the crooked Chicago Machine, and to the local mafiosi. He's said he supports keeping Fitzgerald in place, but if he removes Fitzgerald he will prove he is nothing more than a useful idiot of his Chicago 'handlers'.

Any one of these things is a truly evil act. Two are a clear demonstration of contempt for the electorate. Three are evidence of Chavez-esque megalomania.

And that's a line you only get to cross once, and don't get to step back over.

Barack Obama has made a living receiving favors from political and media machines, and now Rumpelstiltsdaley & company are coming to collect. How will President Obama respond?

I pray I'm wrong.

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Blogger Rayne said...

Do you believe in The Bible? And/or God???

1:06 PM  
Blogger Mike said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yes and yes, for the record.

6:38 PM  

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