Either Yahoo has a data problem, or you need to sell short RIGHT NOW

It's 12:09 EDT on Monday, and I noticed something very strange this weekend. Yahoo Finance tracks analyst recommendations of Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell, Strong Sell on thousands of stocks. This weekend a great deal of those recommendations disappeared; zeros across the board!

How could this be?

There are two obvious explanations:

1) This is a computer feed problem at Yahoo that has persisted for a couple of days. Okay, the guy in charge is on vacation, and he'll get to it when he's gone throug the other 200 e-mails he got while he was out.

2) Analysts know something they're not saying out loud. Research shows that the Thompson database of analyst opinions was significantly altered following the dot com crash. If I'm an analyst, do I have any reason to tout stocks (after all, that IS my job) if I don't believe the trend is with me or that a particular stock is a great buy? Yet for the top 25% of stocks in the top 25% of industries in the stock market, most have no analyst recommendations.

Could be nothing; a data glitch. I'm just saying keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE: I guess the guy got through his e-mails, because the analyst data is back at Yahoo Finance. Darn; it was such a fun conspiracy theory!

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Blogger sjs said...

Stock analysts are one of the worst offenders in having a lucrative career based on doing Meta-Work, as explained in the Dilbert Principle. It's bad enough being a "pointer" to work, like stock investors are. Analysts act as a pointer for stock investors, two levels of indirection from actually producing anything at all.

4:05 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

I'll stipulate that analysts are expensive entertainment.

Investors are important because they provide a key raw material (capital) needed in commerce.

Thanks for stopping by!

7:28 AM  

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