Dexter's Memetic Laboratory

I know what's wrong with my blog now.

Liz Strauss recently instigated a group blogging project, asking people to answer the question: What's Your Blogging Metaphor? I tried to ignore it; focusing instead on writing the irreverent guide to experience design, but Troy called me out, so I thought I'd take a quick shot.

After 10 minutes of scribbling and crossing-out, it hit me. For me, blogging is Dexter's Memetic Lab.

Dexter's Lab is a cartoon featuring a boy genius who has a secret laboratory in his house, in which he creates all manner of machines and monsters. Mayhem then ensues directly or as a result of interaction with his sister Dee Dee and other characters.

Since I began blogging, I've used these pages to experiment with ideas (or memes). From looking at the book Good to Great through the lens of epic mythology, to experimenting with typologies of fun, Spooky Action has been my lab for new or unusual (or as Wayne Hurlbut quaintly puts it: eclectic) ideas. Sometimes they turn out better than expected. Other times not. Sometimes they generate interesting conversations, but usually they don't. That's okay, because what I'm doing here is experimenting with memes. And the experimenter is rarely defined by failures they generate. but are remembered for the successes they do have (see sidebar)!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do...

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Blogger Robert Hruzek said...

Somehow, I can see you dressed up in a white lab coat and goggles, experimenting in the basement while six women live upstairs in your house! :-D

6:43 PM  
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