Halos and Horns

While working on Moonshot and Tsunamis, I was contemplating the change management / influence tools of the angels and devils that live on our shoulders (or in our heads). I tried to stratify elements of John Boyd's and Robert Cialdini's writings, and came up with this:

  • Some of Cialdini's 6 tools of Influence didn't fit neatly in one camp. You will notice that some of them are the most powerful of the group.
  • The 2 tools that do fit neatly into one category, fit the Horns.
  • Initiative, Adaptability, and Harmony are the key elements of successful insurgent/counterinsurgent operations
  • Uncertainty, Menace, and Mistrust are what those successful 'change agents' try to foment amongst their opponents. Too bad they show up in management practices so often.
  • Implicit bonds are the key enabler of Initiative, Adaptability, and Harmony. How many corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure them?
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Does this list look right to you? What would you add?

posted by Mike at 12:23 PM


Blogger Alex McCafferty said...

Hi Mike,

the 4th point seems to imply that management and workers are opponents? ;)

Does 'implicit bonds' equate with trust?

10:18 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, management and workers do often end up working at crosspurposes.

Implicit bonds implies trust, built through a set of shared beliefs and experiences. If we build implicit bonds, I can trust that I know how you will act under a certain set of circumstances.


7:17 AM  

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