Kathy Sierra's Seven Blog Virtues (for a Global Microbrand)

She Who Must Not Be PhotoshoppedTM has created a marvelous PDF of her slides for a panel at SXSW that focused on Hugh McLeod's Global Microbrand concept.

If you're not catblogging, you'll be inspired by this presentation. In January of last year, I said her Crash Course in Learning Theory was the best blog content of 2006, and is still a document I regularly review when creating my own materials. The Seven Virtues presentation may be the analog for blogging. It certainly embodies all of the virtues itself! My favorite slide: the screaming saguaro cactus in a lightning storm. It reminds me of why I enjoy monsoon season here in Phoenix so much. We get those displays of nature's wonder regularly.

Now go read the whole thing. You have no better way to spend the next five minutes.

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