ASU Women's Basketball Game Rained Out

Yes, you read that right:
"This strange night needed Milli Vanilli.

How appropriate that the pseudo singers' song Blame it on the Rain blared throughout Chase Field on Monday night. Rain forced the Arizona State-Texas Tech game to be called with 4:18 left.

At least the women's basketball teams can say they played in the second outdoor game, or better yet, they made history by being the first college basketball teams to play in a game that was rained out at a professional baseball facility. They were going to continue playing the game when the first drops came. A skeleton crew extended a maroon tarp on the court with the Phoenix Mercury's logo, and the retractable roof was being closed, but officials decided it was too risky to continue playing on a wet court."
While I have to agree with the Texas Tech coach who wondered aloud post-game why nobody looked at the sky the whole game, I'm glad at least one Arizona team will open the roof for a game.

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