Wrath of the Football Fans

At first, I thought this was satire...

Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons

...but with details such as:

Some of the most dramatic skirmishes were centered around Kenosha, where a mob of masked snowmobilers invaded the Texas Roadhouse on I-94, briefly holding the margarita machine hostage. They were later seen storming the beverage department at Woodman's, where they purchased several cases of Point and a pack of Merit menthols, and later at the Brat Stop classic rock/sausage outlet, where they were reported angrily "boogie-ing out" on air guitar to featured entertainment Molly Hatchett.

...I'm thinking maybe it's a legitimate story. The details of places, people, and events are too realistic to be made up. That or Iowahawk has spent a lot of time doing anthropological research in Wisconsin. If you think I'm kidding, read this story about letters written by Green Bay school children to Coach Lombardi in 1960. Excerpt:

“In our fifth and sixth grade room in school we have a shrine of the Blessed Mother with all the Packers and you’re right in front of mother,” wrote 11-year-old Robert Bourdeau.

I grew up in Green Bay. This was the norm, not the exception. You can see why I was originally confused by the Iowahawk story. If anyone on the editorial staff of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel had a sense of humor, they'd run this piece on the front page "War of the Worlds" style - but they won't for fear of causing additional rioting!

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