An Early Easter at Steve's Place

I'm a big fan of Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog. It's right over there in the blogroll, see?

Lately Steve has been unnerving some readers by pooh-poohing the scientific method and other heresies against the Church of Objective Reality. They wonder what happened to the Steve who wrote practical articles like How To Give Up Coffee and How To Become An Early Riser, but then veered into topics such as polyphasic sleep and intention-manifestation model of development.

I think he dropped a hint at what's going on in his recent post Musings on Reality, the Scientific Method, and the Cure for Dandruff, with this particular passage:

[Reader Question] Please stop. You're frightening me.

[Steve's Response] I'm afraid I can't do that...

Where have we heard that before?

Nice one, Steve!

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