If 'Phantom Torque' Isn't Spooky Action, I Don't Know What Is

Phantom torque sounds like the name of a 70's Swedish rock band, but the International Space Station is experiencing it, and a New Scientist article says it will complicate a planned spacewalk on Monday. Apparently, during the last spacewalk this phantom torque caused thrusters to fire, nearly frying the spacewalking astronaut.

I personally think it's a NASA ploy to get attention. But they need more drama than a three hour free drift into the keep-out zone. Especially during spring break.

The real excitement today is the announcement of Space Elevator Technology Competitions! (h/t to the best source of nanonews anywhere)

I should probably get back to my Powerpoint makeover now. I just couldn't pass up a rare Spooky Action news item tie-in!

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