Suor Christina Update

Last time we checked in on The Voice Italy, Suor Christina was still in the running!

Eliminations occur within each of the 4 teams until the finals (according to this wiki page), so for the three-way elimination for Team J-Ax, she sang Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"...a long stretch to connect to religion, but here it is:

She survived, and went on to the semifinal where she sang two songs, one in Italian and one in English:  We'll start with "Sally":

For the final song she sang "I've had the time of my life", which I suppose is appropriate for someone facing the end of her Voice run:

And now it's elimination time, with voting split between her coach and the Italian public.  Her coach weighted his vote:  Dylan Magon 55, Suor Christina 45 (Boo! Hiss!!), but he doesn't have the last say...

And the Italian public declared Suor Christina the victor!  She's on to the finals...

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