The Ultimate Two Minute Tour of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker needs to add these guys to the Dept. of Tourism payroll ASAP!

This video highlighted many of the reasons to vacation in Wisconsin, including:

- Lambeau Field
- Fishing
- Shooting guns
- Swimming
- Golf
- Kegs
- Observation posts
- Giant Muskelunges
- Capital (Brewing)
- Ducks
- and more beer than you can imagine!

The thing is a virtuoso performance all around.  They went all around the state (check the map montage) and passed a whole lot of beers with only one incompletion (did you spot it?).

Bravo, men!

h/t Vanderleun who really should have given this the Something Wonderful monicker!

Update: Sweet mother of cheese curds!  There is an outtake real:

Did you spot the Hodag?

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