Suor Christina - God works in strange ways

There's an old saying that "God works in strange ways".  It may sound trite, but if you pay attention to life, you will see those strange ways everywhere.

Here is a fun one that popped up in Italy a few weeks ago:

What?  The Voice Italy?  Really?  That is strange, but Tell me that didn't move you.  I watch it now and it brings me to tears.  Wow!

And did you notice the effect it had on her eventual coach, J-Ax.  Tell me those tears aren't a religious experience!

The next week...

Suor Christina offers a fist bump?  Those tricky Papists and their mind games!  It seemed pretty close until the last note, when Suor Christina blew the top off of it!  And who can resist the Sisters in the crowd?

As to the choice of songs (Girls Us Want To Have Fun), it is The Voice, and the producers make a lot of those choices.

Mariah Carey's Hero allows Sr Christina to show off her talents.  Not religious, but not sacrilegious.  Her competitor was pretty good, but not good enough.  And completely unfortunate posture during the judges' comments... I felt sorry for her, because she had that look like she knew she was beat, but had to spend 5 minutes on stage before hearing the final verdict.

And then this:  What A Feeling from Flashdance

(Secret HD Link) You have to love the energy of this song, even if you don't love the dancing.  This video was posted Wednesday, and she wasn't eliminated, so To Be Continued!

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