Commencement Address of the Year, Perhaps the Decade

Admiral William McRaven gave the commencement speech at the main graduation ceremony of the University of Texas at Austin (his alma mater).  His topic is life lessons from Navy Seal school.  Unlike most commencement speeches, there aren't any platitudes, just hard lessons learned from a hard existence.

It's a fascinating insight into the hardest training in the world, and he pulls universal truths out of various challenges that he and every candidate have faced in order to become a Navy Seal.  I find it awe inspiring that we have men who are willing go through such privations in order to serve us!

This had been all over the internet, and chances are that you have already seen it multiple times.  If you haven't invested the 20 minutes to watch it, DO IT NOW!  You will thank me when you do.

I put this up so that I can easily find it when I invariably want to watch it again. :-)

Hook 'em, Horns!

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