Wait - Dino Farts Caused Catastrophic Global Warming?

Well, according to the Daily Mail they did.  And here I bought into that whole Chixulub meteor thing...

Incidentally, how did those artists know what color the Chixulub meteor was?  I'm pretty sure it would be fairly well blackened by the time it hit the Gulf of Mexico.  And I'm certain it would have a great big green flaming tail behind it.  C'mon!  Armageddon comes in Technicolor!!  Stupid artists...

Anyway, it seems that dinosaur flatulence is an appropriate topic for mainstream climate scientists, since honestly analyzing contemporary data series seem beyond their cognitive abilities.  I suggest we go to Toys R Us and buy the researchers mountains of plastic dinosaurs for their 'analyses' of data regarding extinct creatures.  Note to climate scientists:  don't stand behind the purple ones without a hazmat suit!

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