If I Wasn't Catholic I'd Give Up, But I'm Not, But We Need To Address This

Charles Murray has a very prodigious intellect, and the courage to speak what comes into it, regardless of the political incorrectness.

In his latest book 'Coming Apart', he looks at how white culture is increasingly fracturing so that the citizenry our founders required for a functioning republic may no longer exist.

The American experiment can only succeed when the populace maintains a certain level of morality.  Unfortunately, Antonio Gramsci's satanic "long march through the institutions" has largely succeeded in much of the United States.  There are very few institutions of higher learning that have not been thoroughly poisoned with the intolerability of political correctness.  Universities that pretend to be bastions of enlightened thought have be transformed into gulags of radical conformity.  And their potential for self-reform is nil.

Lower levels of education have become bureaucratic killing fields of nascent male potential.  There will be no next generation of great men if they are all cowed for years for the sin of being boys instead of conformant student-bots.

But I believe that the seeds of overthrowing this dystopia are already sprouting.  I will explore these in future posts, but I believe that we will see grandparents in these United States will rise up and homeschool their grandsons in defiance of the evil education cabal.

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Interesting twist on mesquite tree trimming. However, "temerity" means "bold and brash." While you mentioned that temerity doesn't work with mesquite, it seems you meant that it actually does. Happy blogging. Thanks for your insights.

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