What's Going On In There?

Have you ever looked another human being in the eye and wondered "What's going on in there?" Me, too! So I spent years looking for workable models of how the brain works and how to use those models to help facilitate change. Here's what I found:

Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the tip jar or comment box, or just pass it along to two people you think might enjoy it!

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The Science of Being Well Audiobook

Recently my audio recording of The Science of Getting Rich passed the 10,000 download mark. I am grateful for all of you who have enjoyed and benefited from it.

A few months ago Frank in New Zealand asked me to create an audiobook of Wattles' "The Science of Being Well". It seemed a simple enough thing to do. But the Great Trash Compactor of Life had other plans for me.

Painful ones.

I guess I wasn't thinking and acting in the Certain Way.

But today I am pleased to announce that I have completed the audio recording of The Science of Being Well! I took the liberty of recording an introduction:
This book, The Science of Being Well, is the second in a series by Wallace D. Wattles. The first was about how to get wealthy; this one is about how to get healthy. As in the Science of Getting Rich, Wattles advises you to think and act in a Certain Way.

What I found most interesting about this book is that almost one hundred years after its publication, cancer research is bearing out his assertions regarding the Certain Way of thinking. As for the Certain Way of acting, the author discusses the four voluntary functions of eating, drinking, breathing, and sleeping. You'll find his advice straightforward, refreshing, and (in these days) controversial - for the good!

As with the first book, the concepts are simple. The challenge is in having the discipline to apply the concepts with faith and persistence. The good news is that you should see results faster with the Science of Being Well than with the Science of Getting Rich.

Enjoy this book, and when you do, please express your gratitude by hitting the tip jar at spookyaction.blogspot.com. It will reinforce your faith in the Principle of Life, and you'll feel better for it - literally, according to the author.
Wattles does actually say that in the book, though not necessarily about Spooky Action. But I really could use your help right now.

Enjoy the book in perfect health!


The Science of Being Well

I. The Principle of Health
II. The Foundation of Life
III. Life and Its Organisms
IV. What to Think
V. Faith
VI. Use of the Will
VII. Health From God"
VIII. Summary of the Mental Actions
IX. When to Eat
X. What to Eat
XI. How to Eat
XII. Hunger and Appetites
XIII. In a Nutshell
XIV. Breathing
XV. Sleep
XVI. Supplementary Instructions
XVII. A Summary of the Science of Being Well

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