What I Learned from 16 Great Writers

Last week I posted What I Learned From a Mesquite Tree as part of a Middle Zone Musings group writing project.

Here is the complete list of entries, each one finishing the phrase “What I Learned From…”

“… Teen Girl Squad”, by Markk at My Opinions Are Important Now I remember why I don't get all excited when high school reunions come around...

“… the Mt. Pinatubo Eruption”, by Ronald Huerca at Ronalfy.com This fine post is a real testament to the human spirit!

“… Drugs”, by Sam Brougher at Forest Azuaran Climb inside Sam's head while takes drug. I'm having the acupuncture and hypnosis for my next procedure!

“… a Mesquite Tree”, by Mike DeWitt at Spooky Action I really connected with this author!

“… Drinking Starbucks Coffee”, by George Manty at Can I Make Big Money Online I kind of disagree with George's point (I'd say Cialdini's Social Proof has a bigger effect), but I'll agree with anyone who questions what the big deal is about Starbucks.

“… My Wife!”, by Rajaram Sethuraman at Thoughts of a Rambler Something tells me that Rajaram will be learning additional lessons after his wife reads this post! ;-)

“… Having a Daughter”, by Marco Richter at FitForFreedom I know a little something about debt and daughters (see profile), so Marco's post really resonated with me.

“… Norm”, by Joe Raasch at The Happy Burro Too much of our lives are lived on autopilot. Norm teaches Joe and me a good lesson.

“… my mentors”, by Karin H. at The Kiss Business Too I need to find myself a couple of mentors as amazing as Karin's!

“… Procrastinating”, by Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing BusinessHilarious research on thinking!

“… a Squirrel”, by G.L. Hoffman at What Would Dad SayTeachable moments are everywhere, as a couple of albino squirrels remind us...

“… Blogging”, by Gayla McCord at Mom Gadget In Big Bucks, the protagonist learns: 1) Do What You Love, and 2) Always Put Making Money Over Doing What You Love (you'll have to read the rest to see how to resolve that paradox). Gayla has a nice personal blogging twist on the same topic.

“… a Weight Problem”, by Monique Attinger at Insurance Guide 101 How do you tie the topics of weight loss and insurance together in one cogent post? Click Monique's link to find out!

“… Taking Out the Garbage”, by Michael Chantrel at Mortgage Guide 101 Blog How do you tie the topics of taking out the garbage and paying your mortgage? Michael knows!

“… RUMMAGING!” by William Tully at LOGICal eMOTIONs A marvelous piece about perspective!

“… A Light Switch”, by Robert Hruzek at Middle Zone Musings Between this story and the companion sailboat caper, you get the distinct impression that Bob's life is never dull!

Thanks, Bob, for creating this concept, and thank you to all the contributors. I really enjoyed them all! Let's see how long it takes for Bob's promised 50,000 point Technorati ranking improvement...

posted by Mike at 5:47 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I really enjoyed your entry for the writing project.

Thanks for being so generous as to call my entry on procrastinating "research". ;) I've been trying to get away with that one for years. LOL.

Grow Your Writing Business

9:46 PM  
Blogger Rajaram S said...

I may soon have to write "What i learnt after writing abt my wife" !!!

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

Sorry to have to disappoint you my friend, but if truth be told: you don't find mentors just like that - they appear when you need them, don't start looking for them ;-)

Wasn't this a great idea from Turtle Bob?

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

2:23 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Yvonne, that list had me laughing out loud. What's the old saying: "I resemble that remark"?

Rajaram, I will look forward to it with great anticipation! ;-)

Karin, send one my way, then, okay?

And yes, it was great of Bob to start this madness!


10:42 AM  

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