Are You Having Fun Yet?

David Maister manages to simultaneously offer you a helping hand and kick in the seat of the pants with his latest podcast Are You Having Fun Yet?. All of David's podcasts are good, but this one is a standout. If you aren't loving every minute of your work life, you owe it to yourself to spend 15 minutes with David. Here's what you'll get:
00:30 – David Maister’s Job Satisfaction Quiz
02:33 – Revealing the pattern behind the quiz results
04:44 – Making the choice to increase your job satisfaction
06:03 – The effects of job satisfaction on your job performance
07:30 – Choosing success despite a dysfunctional workplace
09:18 – Attitude check: do you have a job or a career?
11:51 – Understanding what marketing and selling is really about
13:15 – Loving what you’ve got right now
13:48 – The critical element to professional success

Thanks, David! I really needed that.

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