Marketing "More Space" - The Business Evolutionist Opines

Jon Strande, the Business Evolutionist, has taken up the More Space Marketing Challenge, and come up with 8 excellent suggestions! And to make the challenge even more interesting, he limited himself to ideas that cost ten dollars or less to implement!

Go to Jon's site and read the whole thing (I don't want to steal his thunder - and traffic).

A couple of comments:

Suggestion #4: Send copies to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. Fast Company, etc. for book reviews. Todd did send out 125 review copies of the book. I'm not sure if he included muffins, but that distribution generated 10 reviews, including one from Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.

Suggestion #1: [I paraphrase] Go to a local bookstore and find out what mutually beneficial arrangement can be worked out. I really like this one for the simple reason that it fits so nicely with one of the essays in the book: Lisa Haneberg's Breakthrough Experiences. One of the sections of the essay is on breakthrough catalysts. What's one of Lisa's personal favorite catalysts? Making Requests, both routine and prime. Jon's suggestion sounds like a prime example of applying that catalyst!

Suggestion #8: Look for local chapters of the Fast Company Company of Friends, and offer to be a guest speaker for them. In the beginning of Rob's essay for More Space, he discusses drinking 25 beers at his local BizJunkies meeting (hence the photo at the start of the previous post)[Note: he does stipulate that he didn't drink 25 at one sitting]. He discusses that are people as fanatical about business as others are about sports, they just don't get their own bars, because there aren't nearly as many Biz junkies as sports junkies. But they do exist, and I think that this group might be the WHO part of the answer to Dave Pollard's question. I think the "Company of Friends" groups might fit this category, too.

What about the "urgent need uniquely addressed" part?

Remember Seth Godin's blurb about the book?

Well, fanatics are always wanting to know the latest and greatest. And here it is, from authors that they can interact with via the internet. Now I know what you're thinking (Rob and Lisa). You assumed that members of these groups would already be fully clued to the wonders of More Space from your blogs. I would question that assumption. You undoubtedly get more hits in a day than I've gotten in total, but reaching out and sharing a little MMFI never hurts, and just might kindle the fire of More Space mania.

Great job, Jon!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for the kind words - and that picture of the muffin is making me HUNGRY!!

2:27 PM  
Blogger Mike said...


I thought the muffin bit was divinely inspired thinking on your part. Who can resist? Certainly none of the media types I've come in contact with...

3:08 PM  

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