Big Time Blogger Spooky Week Continues!

I was sure that Big Time Blogger Spooky Week had run its course, when I discovered Thank You over at David Maister's blog.

In case you missed my previous post regarding David, I said:
"David Maister is, in Spooky Action's opinion, THE guru of professional service firms. His book Managing the Professional Service Firm is the definitive text on doing just what the name says for firms in a myriad of industries and of all sizes."
David has only been blogging for two months, but he took the time today to thank everyone who had posted or linked to him in that time, by name, and with a link if he had it (including me, Fouro, and some guy named Rusty Scupper). What a class thing to do for someone who is big enough to not have to make such a gesture! That's why, in my blog, he's the guru's guru (no offense to !Tom!).

There's an immense load of valuable information on his site. I especially like his podcasts. They're required listening for anyone interested in becoming a Trusted Advisor!

Thanks, David!

[Yes, I know I'm stretching the 'spooky' angle, but it sure spooked me to get a thank you from someone I've admired for decades!]

Is there someone who'd be thrilled with a thank you from you?

Do it! Now!

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