My Apologies to Mighty Capey

Mid-way through last NFL season I wrote a post entitled "There is No Joy in Cheesevile, Mighty Capey Has Struck Out"

Everything I said in it has turned out to be utter rubbish!

In the off season, the Packers brought in defensive coordinator Dom Capers to shore up a defense that couldn't stop anyone when it counted in 2008. Guess what. The Packers still can't stop anyone when it really counts.

Even though it's only Week 8, the Packers conceded the NFC North title to the Vikings with their loss today. Sure, they're ONLY three games back in the standings, but they have yet to make a statement win against a quality opponent. But they DO have two statement embarrassing losses at home. And they barely escaped a third statement embarassing loss to Chicago at home in Week One.

At what point does the coaching staff decide not to allow a dozen sacks in a single game? Troy Aikmen told a story this week about how Jimmy Johnson said he'd rather take a dozen holding penalties and throw a dozen balls away rather than take sacks. Apparently Mike McCarthy would rather take sacks. And Aaron Rodgers should be given a spot on the Seinfeld show, because he NEVER LEARNS to get rid of the ball on time! As long-suffering Cubs fans would say: maybe next year...

Ted Thompson's record post-Favre is a losing one. The Packers may end up with a winning record this season, but they'll be watching the playoffs from home this January.

Wow. Could I be more wrong on all counts as the Packers head to Super Bowl VL the Big Game That Happens On the First Weekend in February?

Okay, so the Packers DID make the playoffs last year, but IN MY DEFENSE the offensive line got healthy (physically and attitudinally) right after the old post and the Packers gave up 50-something points to the Cardinals in losing their opening playoff game. And Rodgers and McCarthy didn't get the play calling right until after the Matt Flynn game in New England in Week 15 of THIS season. But Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers and the whole Packers staff and team did something amazing this season with all of the injuries and changes. Teams bringing in street free agents to start during the second half of the season don't go to the Game Opposite the Final Round of the Phoenix Open.

Win or lose on Sunday, this season will be one of the most amazing, and satisfying, for any Packer fan.

I officially declare the Wrath of the Football Gods to be over!

UPDATE:Told you so!

No Harlan, No Favre. Just the center of a new dynasty in the tradition of the Green Bay Packers.

Worried about a Holmgren-style ego meltdown? Don't be. From Mike McCarthy's day-after press conference:
(What is your view of the way Rodgers played last night, and how in sync do you feel you are with him now?)
I thought Aaron Rodgers played like Aaron Rodgers, and that’s why he is the MVP. He has been so consistent throughout the season, and even more so in the playoffs. But the play-caller and the quarterback are on the same page. Just the conversation we had in the locker room before the game. It was simply let me be aggressive as the play-caller; you have to be the disciplined one and keep us in favorable plays and throw it away if you have a bad look, and he did a great job with that. I think he has the best set of skills in the league as far as his pinpoint accuracy, his athletic ability, and all of his best football is in front of him. It’s a special relationship. It will go on long after football, but he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He let the play-caller be aggressive and he managed the football game.
emphasis mine

Oh, and do you think that answer had anything to do with this one:
(The last Packers coach to win a Super Bowl left a couple of years later. Do you see yourself being in this job long-term? Do you see this as your last job?)
I would hope this is my last job. I’m a builder and we have built something special. This program was built the right way, has quality people in Aaron Rodgers and all the way through that are going to lead this football team for a long time. So I would definitely hope this is my last job.

And he's already got Valentine's Day covered with this:
(The last two coaches to win the trophy, Sean Payton and Mike Tomlin, said they only got an hour or two of sleep and they slept with the trophy. How much sleep did you get, and did you sleep with the trophy?)
My wife is too good looking not to sleep with her. I didn’t sleep with the trophy. The trophy is with our director of security, Doug Collins. I don’t know if he slept with it. You’ll have to ask him.
Makings of a dynasty right there, my friends!

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