Suor Christina in the Finals...and the winner is....

Suor Christina is in the finals in The Voice Italy 2014!

For her final tune she sang "Beautiful That Way":

She also sang a new song "Lunga La Riva", setting up a possible gospel/county crossover recording angle:

She also did a duet with her coach, rapper J-Ax.  I thought it provided a poignant contrast between music sung to glorify God and the garbage that tries to pass itself off as contemporary music, namely rap:

And here is the moment of truth:

Gotta love that she closed the show by reciting the Lord's Prayer!

As for her future, she said she'd let her superiors decide if she should continue her public singing ministry (she won a recording contract with Universal), noting that she'd be happy to go back to the life she had before this all started.

You've heard the saying that God works in strange ways.  Enter this into evidence...

Earlier posts on her journey starting here and continuing here.

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Has The Long-awaited Reincarnation of Liberace Been Identified?

Some souls (e.g., the Dalai Lama), are reputed to reincarnate when the previous body has died.  I'm not sure if any such dogma exists around Liberace, but I believe the new incarnation has now been identified!

Iowahawk called him The One Man Spinal Tap of Pipe Organ Music, which this video clearly proves to be correct:

The haircut!  The attitude!  The self-aggrandizement!  The sparkly shoes!! (He decorates his own shoes with Swarovski crystals!)

But if you dig a little deeper into YouTube, there's more...

And if you really want the full treatment, here's 40 minutes from German TV.  Turn it up to 11!
Two six drink minimum to enjoy!  You have been warned!

"And behold the power of this fully operational Intergallactic Battle Organ!" says Emperor Liberace

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When Blondes Make Stupid Jokes, Who is the Brunt?

A mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in riddle...

Now revealed!

On Thursday May 29, 2014, State Department Spokedunce Jen Psaki told the assembled press that President Obama just doesn't give himself enough credit.  Even members of the sycophantic press corps couldn't stifle their giggles at that level of disconnect with reality.  Watch:

Q: What does Jen Psaki say if you blow in her ear? 
A: "Thanks for the refill!" 

Q: How do you get Jen Psaki on the roof? 
A: Tell her drinks are on the house. 

Q: What did Jen Psaki name her watch dogs? 
A: Timex and Rolex. 
Q: What can strike Jen Psaki without her even knowing it? 
A: A thought. 

I think the ultimate joke on Jen Psaki is that she thought she was auditioning for the new White House Press Secretary job.  She'd heard that Jay Carney was leaving, and so decided to go all out in showing how low she would debase herself in the president's defense.  Sadly, she lost to a guy named Josh Earnest.  As Iowahawk might say, if only she'd changed her name to Yahoo Serious or Clown Voxsplain or Squirrel Changetopic or Feign Eagerzeal (that's Jen to a tee), she'd have been a shoe-in!

Q: How do you keep Jen Psaki busy all day? 
A: Put her in a round press briefing room and tell her to speak in the corner. 

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What Pops Into Your Head When You See This Image?

My first thought: And me with no Hershey Bars or Graham Crackers!

Second thought:  Awesome! But who thinks of something like this and then can execute it?  If we could only channel that creativity for the greater good...

Third thought:  Note to self: If you ever manage a project in New York, add this to your risk register!

Fourth thought:  There's an old saying that if you put 100 monkeys at 100 typewriters for 100 years, one of them would write Shakespeare.  I don't believe it, but I will say this:  If you put 1,000 moneys at 1,000 computers with Photoshop and an internet connection for 1,000 years, none of them will create this!

Fifth thought:  Uh oh, that last statement may seem to some 'activists' as extremely speciesist...

Sixth thought:  Then again, if those activists get outraged enough, they may make me sell this blog for $2 Billion!  I'd be morally outraged, but in my current demented state I'd have to acquiesce to my wife making the deal.

Seventh thought:  It's Bush's fault!

Eight thought:  Is that supposed to be the Chrysler Building in the background?  If so, I think one of those monkeys may have a puncher's chance of creating that!

Ninth thought:  One frame is not enough!  We need the whole scene!!  Is there a Kickstarter for that?

Tenth and final thought:  How is this categorized within standard P&C underwriting rules? Does an 'Act of Gozer' qualify as an Act of God?

What thoughts popped into your head (and yes, I realize that is a very weak reference to the original Ghostbusters movie)?  Leave a comment...

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Suor Christina Update

Last time we checked in on The Voice Italy, Suor Christina was still in the running!

Eliminations occur within each of the 4 teams until the finals (according to this wiki page), so for the three-way elimination for Team J-Ax, she sang Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"...a long stretch to connect to religion, but here it is:

She survived, and went on to the semifinal where she sang two songs, one in Italian and one in English:  We'll start with "Sally":

For the final song she sang "I've had the time of my life", which I suppose is appropriate for someone facing the end of her Voice run:

And now it's elimination time, with voting split between her coach and the Italian public.  Her coach weighted his vote:  Dylan Magon 55, Suor Christina 45 (Boo! Hiss!!), but he doesn't have the last say...

And the Italian public declared Suor Christina the victor!  She's on to the finals...

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