...and, blinking, he stepped back out into the light, and proceeded in a new direction

How are you feeling about your financial future these days? If you're like me, you're probably not feeling too confident about the path you're on.

I've got a job (for which I am very thankful), but last week the company had a round of layoffs, and I don't want to be sweating those out when I'm 70 years old. And neither a government stipend nor the tatters of my 401(k) are looking like they'll provide the lifestyle I've dreamed of for decades...

So what is the answer?

Coming up with a great new idea, starting my own business, growing it into something special, and retiring on the proceeds of an IPO or sale? The odds are always long, and I'm 0-3 on the entrepreneurial experiment, so maybe I'll look elsewhere this time. Besides, I'd like to generate some income this year.

How about finishing that book and getting it published and leveraging that into a lucrative speaking and training business? That's not worked out so far, and I'm really not interested right now in doing something alone. And I'd like to generate some income this year.

Maybe trading FOREX or stocks on the side? One of my entrepreneurial ventures was along those lines, and I saw what an unpredictable market can do to some good systems...maybe later, because I'd have a big learning curve, and I want to generate income this year.

I sure am picky. I want something that I can start in addition to my day job, but something that can grow into my long term nest egg. Something I don't have to do all by myself, but doesn't have a long term learning curve before I start making money. And I want it to be something that's a big win-win for everyone involved.

I searched and thought and prayed long and hard about what I could do, and then one day a friend suggested I check out a network marketing company called Qivana.

I wasn't too keen on the idea. Was it some sort of pyramid scheme (not win-win)? And I am definitely not a great salesperson with a vast personal network. But as I did my due diligence, I found that the business met all my other criteria. I can start it part time and invest more time as the business grows. The company makes some really interesting products systems for improving internal bodily systems and for weight management (and yes, I'm using them and yes they work!). The management team has deep expertise in the industry and has taken these types of companies to greatness before. And best of all, the company is in it's first year and has that nest-egg-building upside!

No, wait, best of all is that it's not a pyramid scheme. There are plenty of legitimate network marketing companies; Warren Buffett owns more than one. And I really believe in the company and products, so letting people know about the opportunity doesn't feel like selling. I feel better about this opportunity than I did about all those other things before. If you would find out more about Qivana, feel free to contact me.

This may or may not be for you, but if Congress has their way, preventative medicine will be the only type you'll have any control over in the future...I'm going to own my life. What would it be like if you owned yours?

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