The 10 Worst Job Interview Questions Ever

What was the worst job interview question you were ever asked?

Over at BusinessPundit, I created a list of the top ten worst job interview questions of all time (okay, modern day english-speaking all time). Here's the intro:
Good interview questions can help employers judge the technical qualifications, people skills, problem solving approach, and team fit of prospective employees. Bad interview questions do none of those. Instead, they confuse, irk, or offend the applicant (often in combination). Our ten worst job interview questions exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

Illegal - Ask about certain topics and it’s “Do not pass Go; do not collect your next paycheck.” Your employer has been advised to reduce its liabilities, and that means you.

Useless - questions test trivial knowledge that has no bearing on aptitude or generate pseudopsychological responses that Dr. Phil could bloviate on for an entire episode.

Hackneyed - There’s an old saying: “If you’re one in a million, you have 1,000 clones in the People’s Republic of China.” These questions were once original, but they’ve been asked so many times that everyone has memorized ‘pat’ answers to them.

Here are BusinessPundit’s ten worst job interview questions, along with the characteristics that got them on the list, and some possible rejoinders. Please note that being asked any of these questions should make you seriously consider whether you want to entrust your livelihood and sanity to this organization.

Find out which questions belong to the following answers:
  • “No, but I’m always open to new experiences”
  • “In mirrors and on YouTube. Unless I’m undead; then only on YouTube.”
  • “I’ve been tested to 12 ft-lbs per square inch”
  • “Jack”
I'm sure you have a bad interview experience to relate, or try your hand at coming up with snarkier answers to the questions. Come join in the fun!

[UPDATE] After 112,885 hits, 1859 Diggs, and 208 comments (okay, half are mine), I think I can state that the post has some entertainment value. Go on and check it out if you haven't already.

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